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Welcome to Reliable Materials. Our website is currently undergoing major modifications, so some of the content or images may be missing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will answer all your questions and concerns. We wish you a nice day.

Wood with a soul

There is a common opinion that time cannot been seen and stopped. However, we have changed this! We have appreciated what was rejected by others – the old wood, in which time had painted and sculpted its unique picture. Not long ago, the subject of the old wood was practically unknown. Now, more and more people start to appreciate this potential. We collect the elements coming from the demolitions of old buildings where materials such as old wood and brick can be obtained. The rescued materials are given the second life and are frequently developed in a way which is completely different from their primary use. The reclaimed materials may be perfectly re-used and become a real decoration in a new place. Moreover, the details obtained from the reclaimed materials are not to be faked. Their original style and history contained within them gives each interior rare warm and a feeling of comfort. The products offered by our company are white ravens that cannot be found in ordinary stores.

About Us

We are a family run company that provides timber from the dismantling of old houses and barns. Few years ago we extended our workshop to such a state where all demolition works, as well as wood preparation, are performed independently, without the need to involve external companies. We obtain mainly pine, alder, poplar and spruce, but also hardwood, especially oak.

We offer both, unprocessed wood or prepared for your needs. We produce cladding, flooring as well as custom-made wood for special orders.

We carry out the following processes:

  • cutting to the agreed length and width
  • drying (kiln dry ~10%)
  • brushing to achieve the desired effect
  • fireproofness
  • protection against worms and insects
  • tongue and groove or straight edge
  • planning for the right thickness
  • parallel cut
  • non-radioactivity confirmation
  • preparing custom made furniture and items

We put the greatest attention on the quality of our products, thanks to which we managed to reach and obtain a group of regular clients, mainly from France, Austria, Belgium and Germany. Regardless of whether you are from the Czech Republic or Portugal, our wood can be delivered to you as we cover all Europe. 🙂 We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. You can use our form and on the basis of the information sent, we will prepare an individual offer for you. Click here to complete the form.

Our Products