Reclaimed Wood

Wood is obtained from demolition of old buildings, barns and other structures. In our offer there are many products, we focus on:

Reclaimed Cladding Boards

It is a multifunctional material which can be used as an indoor or outdoor facade covering, depending on needs. It also works perfectly well as a finishing with insulation. Thanks to its unique appearance it is also often used as a decorative element of windows, doors and walls. Moreover, in the context of furniture decoration, its use is limited only by the Client’s imagination! Cladding boards can be installed directly and are available in several variants, depending on needs: levelled, brushed, with tongue and groove or with a straight edge, resistant to insects and fire, etc.

Hand Hewn Boards

Hand-cut planks are ideal for interior and exterior decoration, as well as for making elegant furniture. This product has gained great popularity, especially with its large number of shipments to France and Austria.

3 & 5 layer sheets

These 3-ply panels are mostly used as wall cladding for rustic decoration as well as furniture and kitchen elements. 5-layer panels are used for doors, kitchen worktops, tables and many other products. The sheets offer a combination of ease of installation with the raw look of old wood.


Lamellas are narrow 1 cm thick boards that stick to surfaces such as doors, etc. Due to their specific size, they are ideal as all kinds of connecting elements. Their wide range of colours depends on the type of wood, as well as the factors that created it, such as sun, rain or temperature.


The interior with a wooden floor has an exceptionally warm atmosphere. An old wood floor is an art in itself. This cannot be confused with a floor type containing artificial materials. The age saved in old wood makes it even more original and guarantees that we will not encounter the same elements in any other interior.

Old Logs

Its usage is practically unlimited and its versatility allows it to be used both as a decorative element and a functional covering of external and internal parts of buildings. The wood offered by our company can be left in its natural state – untreated, or on the Client’s request it can be processed and ready for assembly.


It have two uses. They can serve as a stable support for balcony structures, squares and stanchions. They can also find their place inside the house, thus becoming a perfect decorative element. It is worth noting that the beams and rafters are hewn by hand.

Old beams

Our company offers two types of beams, depending on the needs and final destination. The type is determined by the processing technology so it can be cut with an axe, either mechanically cut.