Reclaimed Materials

Old cladding planks

It is a multi-functional material, which, depending on the needs, may be used as the covering of the building facades inside or outside. It also perfectly serves as a finishing with insulation. Thanks to its unique look, it is also frequently used as a decorative element of windows, doors and walls. Moreover, in the context of furniture decoration, its use is only limited by a performer’s imagination!

Cladding plank can be directly put and is available in a few options, depending on the needs: leveled, brushed, tongue and groove milled, overlap milled or a biscuit type.

  • Width over 12 cm
  • Thickness 1,8 – 2,0 cm
  • Length 1,2 – 4,0 m

Old log

Its use is practically unlimited, and its universality allows to use it as a both decorative element and functional covering of external and internal parts of the buildings.

The wood offered by our company may be left in its natural state – non-processed, or, at a Customer’s request, it may be processed and is ready to install.

Width above 16 cm
Thickness 4,0 – 8,0 cm
Length 2,0 – 4,0 m
Width above 16 cm
Thickness 4,0 – 7,0 cm
Length 2,0 – 4,0 m


Old hewn boards – they have two uses. They may serve as a stable support for balcony constructions, set squares and stanchions. They may also find its place inside a house, thus becoming a perfect decorative element. It is worth emphasizing that beams and rafters are hewn by hand.

  • Sections 10×10- 30×30 cm
  • Length 3 – 8 m

Old beams cut with a saw

 With the use similar to that of the old hewn boards may additionally be used for replacement or renovation of the damaged elements.

  • Sections 12×12 – 25×25 cm
  • Length 2,0 – 7,0

Our company offers the two kinds of scantling, depending on the needs and final use. The kind is determined by processing technology:

  • 1- hewn with an axe (more expensive)
  • 2 – mechanically cut with a saw (cheaper)
Section from 10 cm x 10 cm
Length from 2 m


Lamellas are narrow planks, 1 cm thick that are stuck on the surfaces such as doors etc. Due to the specifics of their size, they ideally serve as all sorts of joining elements. The wide range of their colours depends on the type of wood, as well as on the factors that had afftected it, such as sun, rain or temperature.

Cutting off

Plank which is cut off from the old hewn boards is a necessary masking element used in the places where cladding planks are joined. In the decorative context, they ideally serve as the imitation of beams and rafters.

  • Width 12-18 cm
  • Thickness 3,0-6,0 cm
  • Length 2,0 – 6,0 m

The cut-off elements consist of 3 layers of the old wood, including one that is fresh after cutting off. They are offered in two formats:

  • from hewn boards (COSTA) width from 10 cm
  • from mechanically cut boards (GRILLES) width from 10 cm.


The interior with wooden floor has an exceptionally warm atmosphere. The floor made from old wood is the art in itself. This cannot be mistaken for the type of floor containing artificial materials. The age that is saved in old wood makes it even more original and guarantees that we will not encounter the same elements in any other interior.

The plank offered by our company, 3-4 cm wide, was obtained from the old floors of barns and granaries. It is fully cleaned.

Products from old wood

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Corrugated sheet

Our offer contains a wide range of corrugated sheet metal of various sizes and quality. Depending on the use, we will be glad to answer all Your questions concerning possible uses.

Flat sheet metal

It has a variety of uses. Flat sheet metal is willingly used due to its easy mounting. Available in different sizes of sheets.

Trapezoidal sheet metal

Thanks to its simplicity and interesting, bold form, trapezoidal sheet is a very graceful material. Due to its strength and look, we may obtain a lot of unusual and original constructions. It is frequently used to break the traditional division between the roof and facade. A variety of colours and availability of sizes guarantees its wide use.

Carp-style tiles

The name comes from the resemblance that occurs after the tiles are already mounted – it is very similar to carp scales. It is one of the heaviest ceramic roofings. Available in a variety of shades.

Dutch ceramic tiles

Also referred to as pantiles, which is connected with its shape profiled into the S letter. It is an interlocking tile which is perfect for the protection of buildings against atmospheric factors. Available in different colour options.